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The air coolers used in cooling technology differ between pressing and sucking versions via the heat exchanger package (heat exchanger block). In the sucking version, the fan is in the cooled air stream so that the cooling fan of the fan is supplied with the cooled air stream and heats it. At the same time, the relative air humidity is reduced. In the pushing embodiment, the fan is located in the air stream upstream of the heat exchanger package so that the thermal load of the fan is taken into account in the cooling process of the air cooler and the relative humidity can be kept virtually constant against the suction design. Since a high relative humidity in the air flow is decisive for the water balance and the transpiration of the product, CABERO fruit and vegetable coolers have been designed with a pushing design so that they can also withstand the least negative influences on the cooling product. Depending on the application, optimized lamellar geometries and matching louvre spacings are used to meet the conditions of the product and the storage to the full extent. Due to the large heat exchange surfaces and the adapted air volume flows, CABERO fruit and vegetable coolers can have a very low Dt (Dt = evaporation temperature or ethylene glycol entering temperature - air inlet temperature). This is the decisive factor for the very low dehumidification of the bearing products and for maintaining the quality of the product. The goal of protecting and optimizing the value of your core business is more than met with the new CABERO fruit and vegetable coolers - according to our company motto: engineered to succeed.
Application Refrigeration Air conditioning
Medium HFKW NH3 brine, glycol
Material tupes Cu stainless steel stainless steel Cu stainless steel
Fin aluminium, epoxy, AlMg3, AlMg2,5 stainless steel, AlMg2,5 aluminium, epoxy, AlMg2,5, AlMg3, stainless steel
Geometry in-line
Overall length up to 8500 mm
Power range 5 - 200 kW 5 - 160 kW 10 - 90 kW
Fin distance 4, 7, 10, 12, 8-16 mm 10, 12, 6-12, 8-16 mm>/td>
Air direction pressure-operated design horizontal one-sided exhaust


Construction method