The self-draining system with table design (only vertical air flow) and conditionally V-shape design is used e.g. in industrial cooling and air-conditioning, in process cooling and in power plant systems. The independent draining of the medium from the tubes is a unique feature – without any other tools such as compressed air, thanks to the heat exchanger placed diagonally upright in the housing. The connection collectors are also placed diagonally and a venting connection is integrated into the highest point of the system.

High-quality materials and the sturdy design guarantee operation without anti- freeze agents, preventing internal formation of ice in the tubes and therefore damage e.g. during frost, even when using water as a medium.

Without antifreeze agents, the efficiency of the system is significantly increased and environmental damage is prevented – no drip trays for possible leaks are required. The application-specific heat exchanger technology in particular pro- vides operating companies with a high level of operational safety and a long service life for the product.

The product range maximises and combines important ergonomic and ergo- nomic aspects and provides buyers with true investment benefits over compa- rable products with regard to purchase price and operating costs.

Application Heat
Medium brine, oil, glycol, etc.
Material tupes CU SST
Fin aluminium, epoxy, AIMg3, stainless steel (on request), Cu
Geometry high-efficiency offset pipe spacing
Overall length 1200 - 13600 mm
Power range 20 kW - 1800 kW
Fin distance 2,0 - 2,5 mm
Air direction vertical
Adiabatic 1 1

Tube pattern

Construction method