Evaporators/air coolers for commercial operation

Suitable for commercial as well as industrial refrigeration applications. Straight tube and smooth lamella in combination with a large surface area greatly reduce the moisture removal from the food to be cooled (In contrast to almost all current systems). As a result, weight losses from the refrigerated goods are saved and the quality of the cooling products also improved over "long-term storage". Considerable reduction of the required defrost cycles due to reduced and controlled frost formation on the heat exchanger (= energy saving). Longer cooling times between the defrost cycles result in a more stable operation of the cooling chamber and thus a considerable energy saving in the entire plant. Highly improved and more constant widescreen properties as well as air volumes of the fans due to reduced frost formation and ESS. AL housing, powdercoated in RAL 9010. Stainless steel housing is available on request. Our stated goal is to provide products with added value for the end customer as well as the plant builder offer. The unique technology of the industrial evaporators or coolers that we have in our commercial vaporizer series at a very attractive price structure, once again substantiate our company motto - engineered to succeed.

Application Refrigeration
Medium HFKW NH3 CO2 glycol, brine
Material tupes Cu stainless steel Cu stainless steel
Fin aluminium, epoxy, AlMg3, stainless steel
Geometry offset
Overall length up to 4400 mm
Power range 2 - 15 kW
Fin distance 4 , 7 mm
Air direction air intake from below, exhaust on both sides

Tube pattern

Air distribution



Construction method