The table design (horizontal and vertical air flow) is intended for use in the power generation industry. In addition to the use of renowned quality fans and the selection of best possible materials, the top-quality, sturdy design is a unique feature. On request, this system can also be applied in V-shape units.

Function principle: Two stacked heat exchangers allow operation of two circuits. The heat exchanger with the lower temperature level is positioned at the air discharge end. The heat exchanger technology provides the user with a high level of safety and reliability and a long service life for the product.

In practical application, this product range maximises and combines important ergonomic and economic aspects. Compared to conventional products from competitors, it provides buyers with clear benefits with regard to purchase price and operating costs.

Medium brine, oil, glycol, etc.
Material tupes Cu SST
Fin aluminium, epoxy, AIMg3, stainless steel (on request), Cu
Geometry high-efficiency offset pipe spacing
Overall length 1200 - 13600 mm
Power range 200 kW - 1200 kW
Fin distance 2,0 - 2,5 mm
Air direction vertical and horizontal
Heat pump 1 1

Construction method