CABERO responsibility – for a sustainable future

Environmentally sound production

Efficiency is worth it: This is why we ensure the best possible use of resources and the environmentally sound disposal of harmful substances along the whole manufacturing process. 95 % of parts processed by us can be recycled and free from harmful substances – and our own patented developments enable us to continually increase the performance of our products. All CABERO production sites are certified according to din En iSO 9001 and Vdi 6022 in the field of ventilation and air-conditioning technology and indoor air quality. When controlling adiabatic systems and hybrids, the new Vdi 2047 is considered, the hygiene certification according to HACCP is in preparation.

Dimensions of sustainability 

Part from the self-draining heat exchangers without glycol, we provide our customers with the CABERO Emergency Retention System CERS: These emer- gency safety tanks protect the groundwater in case of leaks and leaking liquid of all kinds. Furthermore, CABERO PlUS Adiabatic Technology prevents any contamination of the environment with bacteria or even legionella, thus excluding health risks.

Utmost attention to detail for the components 

CABERO exclusively uses fans and air vents, which are ERP-compliant with the legal certainty according to EU directives. Specifically designed products, achieving optimum effectiveness, are used – with regard to the efficiency of their drive technology, the noise emissions and the operational safety. These data are measured in test benches specifically designed for this purpose according to din specifications.