Flexibility instead of standard solutions.

CABERO has been supplying line builders and planners all over the world with customised performance for different products and market segments for 35 years. Flexibility is everything – for each product poses its very own challenges. To achieve best possible results, our development experts also carry out extensive field trials: This turns intelligent concepts into long-term solutions which combine maximum reliability and safety with great savings on operating costs.

On the test bench

Measurements at neutral test institutes and in our own centers for research and development already provide information on achievable performance spectra and maximum possible operating conditions. CABERO can only make use of research results when it has been confirmed in the field test. This ensures that the original theoretical planning also corresponds to the actual operation.

Flow simulations

Using numerical flow simulations are presented heat transfer processes in order to obtain a visual representation of the air flow. The insights gained from the performance data allow our developers to prepare tests, to control results and to optimize the products on an ongoing basis. The data generated are used further in the design software and confirmed by practical tests in the laboratory.

Thinking out of the box

Every product leaving our production center is individually tailored to the needs of planners and operators - thanks to the experience of our consultants and the extensive design software. Sometimes, however, the prerequisites are so extraordinary that completely new solutions are required. The CABERO product management and the sales engineers take such cases as a challenge and develop together to the convincing result: In this way product innovations are created again and again, which afterwards successfully in series with high demand.

Facets of innovation – exemplary CABERO solutions:

CABERO defrost on demand:

How can the intervals between defrost cycles be increased significantly while resources are used more efficiently? CABERO defrost on demand (dOd) can do what conventional systems cannot achieve: 
The innovative system continuously evaluates various measuring points with a specific algorithm to independently control the defrost cycles of a system in the best possible way.

CABERO control technology:

High level of performance with low use of media - a matter of course thanks to intelligent CABERO control technology. All parameters are continuously and automatically checked and adapted through the specified control loops. This saves precious resources, every operating hour. All data are clearly visualised via touch panel or integration into the on-site BMS.

CABERO Coil Protect System:

To be on the safe side: if the quality of the cir- culation water changes and has an excessive mineral or salt content, the CABERO Coil Pro- tect System is triggered immediately. it effec- tively prevents further wetting and informs the operator with an error message: This al- ways provides the best protection for the heat exchanger coils.

CABERO adiabatic nozzles:

Adiabatics is a core competence of CABERO – with patented quality. Adiabatic systems use spray nozzles which can be operated with low or high pressure to significantly reduce the air intake temperature during hot weather. This saves valuable energy. Another benefit: The smooth surface of the sprayed fins allows effective and water-saving cleaning.