Chillventa 2022

11 - 13 October 2022 in Nuremberg

Grafrath, 24. January 2022

Under the motto "Knowledge Exchange and Networking", we would like to invite you to visit us at Chillventa 2022 in Nuremberg.

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​Budapest, Hungary 2019!

, 08. May 2019

Dear customers and business partners,the HVAC design team and our CABERO team in Hungary created the solution for 1500kW cooling demand ...

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, 11. April 2019

Dear customers and business partners,

we would like to thank you as well as our CABERO team for the good fair ISH 2019 in Frankfurt. This year, various news and innovations could be seen again at the world's leading trade fair for the entire building technology sector.

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, 01. March 2019

Es wird größter Indoor-Vergnügungspark Europas und Asiens errichtet Der “Trauminsel“ wird oft als „russisches Disneyland“ bezeichnet. Das Gebiet bietet mehr als 40 Unterhaltungsmöglichkeiten und etwa 30 Kinderattraktionen sowie ein Kino, Cafés, Restaurants und Geschäfte. Für das angenehme Klima sorgen 9 CABERO Rückkühler mit der gesamten Kühlleistung über 21,6 MW. Die Eröffnung der Park ist im Sommer 2019 geplant.

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Die Hohen Jagd & Fischerei 2019

, 27. February 2019

Am Wochenende (21.-24.Februar 2019) hat die Firma Cabero ihr neuestes Produkt die Coolcabin, einen mobilen Kühl- und Zerwirkraum, auf der Messe Salzburg vorgestellt. Die Coolcabin ist auf die Bedürfnisse von Jägern und Forstbetrieben zugeschnitten und hebt sich durch ihre intelligente und effiziente Kühlleistung sowie die Hygiene-konforme und leicht zu reinigende Ausstattung und Bauweise am Markt ab.

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Product Launch ACW / GCW

Grafrath, 13. February 2019

Regarding the redesign of the new ACW / GCW series, the focus of our designer, Mario Richter, was, in addition to the economic and ergonomic aspects, particularly on diversity in the company.

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Rule compliance made easy!

Grafrath, 13. February 2019

based on the new VDI 2047 sheet 2 and the resulting obligations for the operators, Cabero has developed the Legio Protection System together with Bavaria Electric.

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Product Introduction MAXPRO

, 13. February 2019

The new product line Cabero MAX PRO offers users significant advantages over traditional evaporative cooling towers, setting new standards in terms of operating costs, water consumption and reliability, longevity and efficiency.

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Project report

Grafrath, 12. October 2017

The last instance in a proposed building efficiency chain How we use excess heat effectively elsewhere. And what happens, when our customers are satisfied?

Efficiency and sustainability are increasingly important requirements in building design. Not only because these form the basis of many image-building certifications, but also because the consequential cost reductions represent an added value for the end user and, ultimately, more comfort for the people in and around the object.

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