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For more than 30 years, CABERO has been offering system manufacturers and planners a broad, hands-on product range. Numerous, partially patented enhancements provide a customised, highly eficient solution for virtually every application. As a leading manufacturer of adiabatic systems for condensers and heat exchangers for cooling media, NH³ and cooling agents, CABERO only has one goal in mind: To make a considerable saving on the available resources and to nd both an economically and ecologically optimal solution for the overall system.

Water quality: Water quality requirements for adiabatic systems LPSS and HPSS

The 42nd BimSchV (Federal emissions protection act), regulating the safe and hygienic operation of evaporation cooling systems, is predominantly applicable. Copper (Cu) must not be traceable in the additional water. Iron (Fe) should not be present. It must also be observed that the chemicals used do not cause stress corrosion or even damage to the materials used in the heat exchanger. If the recommended water quality is observed and the recommended treatment products are used, no or minimal deposits, corrosion and microbiological infestation is to be expected. Information on softening systems, reverse osmoses, dosing technology and the maintenance of such systems can be obtained, for example, from Schweitzer-Chemie GmbH in 71691 Freiberg/Neckar. The hygiene requirements of VDI 2047 sheet 2 must be observed. Accordingly, the test intervals for the inspections and the water quality must be observed and communicated to the company CABERO Wärmetauscher in addition. In case of deviating water values, appropriate countermeasures must be taken immediately and wetting is prohibited in this case. In case of failure to observe the notification times, CABERO has the right to refuse warranty services. Fall out should be introduced into the rainwater drains or into the sewage. (Version: 09/2017) Water quality requirements for adiabatic systems LPSS and HPSS.

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Low Pressure Spray System

Low pressure spraying for cooling media, NH³ and refrigerant


High Pressure Spray System

High pressure spraying for cooling media, NH³ and refrigerant


Adiabatic Subcooling System

Undercooling-adiabatic for cooling media, NH³ and refrigerant

Hybride Systeme

For cooling media, NH³ and refrigerant