Customer Testimonial

ONI-Wärmetrafo GmbH

“... as a competent partner in the cooling arena, we have always felt very well looked after by you throughout a business relationship spanning many years. ...You have shown us in exemplary fashion how to satisfy customer expectations in the highest degree. ...We want this collaboration to continue in future and to remain as mutually beneficial for both companies as it has been to date.” GmbH

“The quality, performance and service of your company’s products and people have won us over.“

Entreprise Guiban

“Together we developed a vibration damping solution, managing succeeding in achieving very low sound levels while fully meeting the required performance. Meeting the delivery deadline was essential as roads in the centre of Paris had been sealed off to allow the equipment to be offl oaded by crane. Your collaboration was effective both in concept development and in adhering to deadlines. We very much appreciate the quality of your equipment…”

ACROKlima Kälte- und Klimatechnik

„Our portfolio is now unthinkable without adiabatic heat exchangers, which have enabled us to deliver a number of important projects. This confi rms yet again that we made the right choice in deciding on our heat exchanger and condenser supplier.“

bit GmbH

“In the course of a complete refurbishment of the air-conditioning of our client’s computer centre in Nuremburg, while continuing to operate, the requirement arose to install new heat exchangers on the building roof between two directional radio antennas. The single row V dry coolers in a block confi guration feature a total power output of 1.2 MW and the option to install a spray cooling system for a subsequent performance upgrade. The dry heat exchangers are operating entirely to our satisfaction. We owe CABERO’s employees our gratitude in implementing this project.”


“As a manufacturer of high quality cooling machines and convectors, it is absolutely essential to have a partner such as this in the case of synergistic products!
Our experience to date with CABERO and its products has been entirely satisfactory. The quality of the tried and tested components employed and their availability on the market are the basic prerequisite for designing a reliable system for the operator. This is what CABERO has internalised with its products.”

Chocolats Halba

“We would like to say particular thank you for the smooth, professional and reliable supervision and delivery of the plant. The adiabatic heat exchanger was the only solution capable of bridging the gap between the prevailing space constraints and our required performance. As usual, implementation was extremely precise and gave no grounds for complaint whatsoever.”

Johnson Controls Systems & Service Sàrl

“Now that the new cooling plant has entered full operation and the adiabatic heat exchangers are running to our entire satisfaction, we would not like to miss the opportunity to thank your company for your services. ... We would also like to express our appreciation for your engineers, technicians and installers for their production and commissioning work.

The punctual delivery and your employees succeeded in sticking exactly to the tight deadline and were very committed and friendly.”

Trade Group

“Our company is genuinely grateful to you personally and to your company, CABERO, for its technical support and assistance in selecting the design solutions as well as for the on-time delivery of high quality heat exchangers for our projects: Gosznak (Moscow) Gazprombank (Moscow)“

Sputnik Group

“Sputnik Group selected CABERO equipment for the Tuapse project and is more than satisfi ed with the collaboration. Everything is perfect: Support, quality and reliability.

The 9 x CABERO jumbo-sized oil coolers were used for the following Siemens turbines: SGT-800 1150kW gas turbine power plant with heat release, confi guration 3x50% (3x575kW). Each SGT-800 turbine generates 47MW of electrical energy and is used for power generation by the oil refi ning combine.”