Double block evaporators Industry Series

The CABERO "Professional Industrial Line", which is very price-attractive, is mainly used in the business areas of large commercial refrigeration, as well as in industrial refrigeration. Particularly the flow pipe divisions as well as the appropriate performance spectrum ensure the user with low weight losses and significantly lower optical impairments of the refrigerated goods, even when long-term storage of fresh and sensitive products (such as meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, flowers etc.). The likewise minimized weight loss in the refrigerated goods is achieved in these units by keeping the average surface temperature of the lamella more constant and in a smaller spreading to the inlet temperature. This allows a considerably lower air dehumidification, as well as the frost is minimized and "controlled". In the case of low-temperature applications, these advantages are significantly visible, in particular by significantly lower defrosting frequencies, small icing of the heat exchanger, as well as more constant throwing distances compared to the offset pipe division, leading to a significant reduction in the energy costs of the plant.

True to the company motto "engineered to succeed.", This applied technology in the industrial air coolers helps to put the added value of the user at the center of the technology - at a very attractive price at the same time.

Application Refrigeration Air conditioning
Medium HFKW NH3 CO2 brine, glycol
Material tupes Cu stainless steel Cu stainless steel
Fin aluminium, epoxy, AlMg3, stainless steel aluminium, epoxy, AlMg3, in-linestainless steel aluminium, epoxy, AlMg3, stainless steel
Geometry in-line
Overall length up to 8500 mm
Power range 5-80kW 40-160kW 5-80kW 5-90kW
Fin distance 4-12 mm 4-12 mm 4-12 mm
Air direction horizontal two-sided, pressure operated



Construction method