We monitor the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) very carefully and have created comprehensive measures, structures and processes for the CABERO Group in order to work systematically in close exchange with competent authorities and to counter possible effects on our business operations.

This applies, for example, to reporting chains, travel guidelines and hygiene regulations. For example, we have implemented comprehensive, preventive measures to protect our employees from being infected with the corona virus in our production facilities.

The top priorities apply within the CABERO Group:

At the current time, our locations can be reached and are ready for production.

As usual, the following areas can be accessed, for example, via home office solutions and can carry out their work.

The production facilities are operating with emergency plans, and there are currently no failures here either.

Our material supply is based on a two supplier strategy with procurement markets predominantly from Europe, for example Germany, Italy, Greece and Spain.

Since there is new information on the current situation every day, the situation is difficult to assess. We keep very close and lively contact to all suppliers to be able to give an assessment of the situation.

Due to the closed borders, we expect delays in the transit area. As a precaution, we have called up buffer stocks in order to counteract any supply shortages that may arise.

If there are any changes, we will inform you immediately.

We ask for your understanding if this pandemic would lead to delivery bottlenecks over which we cannot influence.

We are always available to answer more questions.

On March 11, 2020, the spread of the coronavirus was officially classified by the WHO as a worldwide pandemic, so that the current situation can be classified as a case of force majeure.

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