Air conditioning of rooms and buildings

Success begins with experience 

According to the laws of thermodynamics, an adiabatic system exchanges no heat with its surroundings. We were the first company to turn this into a technology: adiabatics. Over the course of the last decades, we have installed hundreds of systems with adiabatic spray nozzles all over the world. numerous product innovations for state-of- the-art air conditioning technology have since ensured the sa- tisfaction of our customers – and the ability to plan for low operating costs with great precision.

Thermodynamic simulation

Any innovation has to be well prepared: The test bench therefore also includes complex flow simulations which display the heat transfer process within the CABERO devices, taking into account all special features of the design from the outset. This allows a visual representation of the air flow, enabling our developers to draw valuable conclusi- ons from these findings with the aim of increasing the efficiency of a system.